We're Hiring a Business Development Executive

Job Title:  

Business Development Executive

Dublin Based 

Job Description and Details: 

Harry’s Nut Butter is looking for a full-time Business Development Executive who can drive sales across multiple channels and support the growth of this high-potential startup. The successful candidate will be responsible for building and maintaining excellent relationships with our stockists, expanding sales of HNB product lines, and creating a vision for long-term company growth and market expansion.  


Duties of the Role:

  • Drive sales and support ongoing company growth  
  • Build and maintain excellent relationships with stockists and customers 
  • Schedule daily/weekly/monthly customer visits 
  • Promote/Sell/Secure orders from existing and prospective customers  
  • Organise tasting demonstrations with prospective and existing customers (this may require occasional overtime and weekend work) 
  • Coordinate promotional activities in stores and online  
  • Attend markets, trade shows, and sales meetings off-site when necessary 
  • Supply management with oral and written reports on customers’ needs, problems, competitive activities, and analyse potential for new products. 
  • Coordinate sales efforts with sales management, accounting, and logistics 
  • Manage incoming leads  
  • Coordinate marketing efforts with other members of the HNB team 
  • Merchandising of retail products and implementation of planograms in stores 
  • Any other duties as assigned to you by executive management  

Who We Are: 

Harry’s Nut Butter is a rapidly expanding food manufacturing company classified as a high-potential startup. We develop, produce, manufacture, brand, market, distribute, deliver, and sell peanut butter products at markets, trade shows, on our website, and we ship worldwide.  

Please see full details below which outlines our company ethos and values. 

Who We’re Looking For: 

We’re looking for candidates who are willing to work hard, go the extra mile, and share our vision of growth. This is a new role at HNB, so you should be a highly motivated self-starter who is comfortable working in a startup environment and often work on your own initiative. 

Personal Specification: 


  • Minimum of 2 years experience in sales 
  • Able to drive results immediately 
  • Excellent knowledge of the Food/FMCG Sector 
  • Full driver’s license 
  • Proficient computer skills 
  • Emotionally intelligent and an empathetic communicator 
  • Excellent listening skills  
  • Able to represent HNB’s voice and values in an authentic way  
  • Comfortable working in a start-up environment 
  • Very good proficiency of the English language 
  • Flexibility to work outside office hours when needed, potential overnight travel 
  • Manual handling to include loading boxes of 13kg weight on and off vans 



  • Goal-oriented and entrepreneurial-minded 
  • A good comprehension of HNB’s brand and target customers 
  • Driven and enthusiastic about our products 
  • Ability to speak intelligently to a variety of HNB stakeholders
  • Aware of industry trends, cultural references, and evolving tastes 
  • Ability to overcome challenges
  • Creative problem-solving skills 
  • Socially confident with excellent presentation skills 

 Benefits and Compensation: 

  • Salary of €35,000 with scope for increase 
  • Good work-life balance 
  • Office and hybrid working environment 
  • All the HNB products your heart desires 

 How to Apply: 

Send us a CV and a cover letter of no more than 800 words to hello@harrysnutbutter.com detailing, with clear examples, how you meet the criteria outlined in the personal specification. 


Our Interview Process: 

  • First-stage interviews will be conducted online over Teams on a date to be determined. This conversation will last 30 minutes. The first 20 minutes of the call will comprise of questions posed to the applicant. There will then be 10 minutes for candidates to ask any questions or queries they might have about the role. 
  • Second-stage interviews will be conducted in person at The Fumbally Stables in Dublin on a date to be determined. This will be an opportunity for more in-depth conversation about the role and the candidate's previous work experience. We will also ask candidates to deliver a short sales pitch on a product such as Harry's Nut Butter.  
  • All candidates will be notified of the outcome after all interviews are completed. 


About the Company   

Harry’s Nut Butter is a rapidly expanding food manufacturing company classified as a high-potential startup. We develop, produce, manufacture, brand, market, distribute, deliver, and sell peanut butter products at markets, trade shows, on our website, and we ship worldwide.  

HNB was founded within The Fumbally Café in Dublin, and so in many regards we have inherited certain values you may find there. We believe in having broad, beautiful, enriching lives which are made up of work, socialising, alone time, hobbies and interests, eating well, cooking well and nourishing yourself and the people around you with good food, good drink and good company. 

We come from a hospitality background, and so we want to make sure that everyone who is engaging with us as a business is comfortable and looked after. Sometimes, to do so, we must push ourselves outside of our comfort zones.   

HNB is an LGBTQ+ owned, inclusive business and we work hard to ensure our values are reflected outwardly to the world at all times. 

The Way We Speak To One Another  

At Harry's Nut Butter we are respectful of everyone's individuality and give one another space to express their opinions and point of view. We are casual in our tone, there is little formality, but we always speak to one another with respect.  

Racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, classism and any other bigotry will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  

HNB was originally created by co-workers who were also friends, and whilst we don’t expect everyone to be friends outside the organisation, we do expect friendliness, camaraderie, collaborative encouragement and mutual support within the day-to-day work environment. 

The Way We Speak To Our Stockists  

HNB was born from a space of good hospitality. Our strength all along has been that we are pleasant and friendly people to deal with. When we launched in 2020, we grew at an expediential rate due to the extraordinary set of circumstances created by the pandemic. Since then, we have worked diligently to retain the initial customer base we gained by welcoming them into our world, by listening to their suggestions and by encouraging them to sustain their relationship with HNB. We know their names, we know what's going on in their lives, and we know what their relationships are to other stockists.

We mostly talk to stockists as if they are old friends. We express our individual personalities in a professional manner,we are casual in our tone, and there is little formality, but we always speak to others with respect. 

Complaints are received with decorum and stockists are made to feel that they have been heard. Even if the outcome is not the one they want, we ensure the stockist is treated with respect and everything reasonable is done to preserve and strengthen that relationship. 

The Way We Speak To Our Customers  

  • Much like our stockists, any Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) customers are treated with the same big, friendly, warm gratitude for their business without being saccharine or insincere.  
  • Handwritten notes are attached to the order, personally addressed to the customer with a friendly and genuine note of thanks.  
  • Complaints will be met in the same way as with stockists. DTC customers should feel heard and understood. 
  • The Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Terms of Service, Shipping Info and Nutritional Info are all publicly available on the website harrysnutbutter.com where DTC customers have bought their HNB products.  

Our Key Outputs 

  • We develop, produce, manufacture, brand, market, distribute, deliver and sell peanut butter products across a number of platforms.
  • The majority of our business comes from wholesale customers in the Republic of Ireland.
  • We also sell directly to a significant number of stockists in The North of Ireland, Great Britain and a few in continental Europe. 
  • We sell peanut butter products to distributors in England and Scotland.  
  • We sell peanut butter products to online international marketplaces.  
  • We sell peanut butter products at markets and trade shows. 
  • We sell peanut butter products on our website and ship worldwide.  
  • We outsource production of HNB Truffles to a contract manufacturer using HNB nut butters.  

Our Goals  

  • HNB is a challenger brand with great ambitions. We want Harry's Nut Butter to be an option everywhere you would expect to buy a jar of peanut butter and beyond.   
  • We want to expand further into new ranges and markets.  
  • We want to be a B Corp Certified business and we want to produce responsibly, for the planet and for workers.  
  • We want to ensure every supplier and partner we work with, from the peanut farmers in Argentina and the coconut oil producers in Sri Lanka to the cocoa powder producers in Ghana and the agave farms in Mexico are all transparent and being held accountable in relation to their worker's rights and the quality of their produce.  


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