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We ship with DPD Monday – Thursday and we dispatch orders the day after they come in. Ireland 1-2 working days from dispatch Britain 2-4 working days from dispatch Europe 3-7 working days from dispatch
Most definitely, use the drop down menu in our mixed box to fill your box with your favourite Harry's Nut Butter flavours.

Totally! Let us know a little about your business HERE and we'll get back to you about it toot sweet

Fab, no worries. It's just as easy to stock Harry's Nut Butter in Old Blighty as it is for EU businesses. Let us know a little about your business HERE and we'll be onto you straight away.


Cheers, yeah we know. Sarah Moloney is to thank for that. Get her HERE

All Harry's Nut Butter products are gluten free and suitable for vegans. We use organic agave syrup as a sweetener so it's refined sugar free but there's a teeny tiny bit of additional refined sugar in Coco Buzz.

See the nutritional info HERE for the full picture.

We're working hard here on leaving as little impact as possible but we're not perfect. All packaging that will arrive to your house is cardboard and goes in the green bin if you're not reusing it. The jars are glass so go to the bottle bank but peel the label off first. It comes off easier if you peel it when it's dry and that goes in the General Waste. The next print run of labels will be biodegradable but we'll let you know when we've made the change. The lids are aluminum and go in the green bin if you're not using them for something else.

Bad buzz – let us know your order number and contact us HERE and we'll sort it out ASAP

Cut out the middle man and head straight to Ian on as quick as you can. They'll get dispatched the next day before 11am so hurry.

Fair play to you. We've got dealz dealz dealz for this exact situation; With our subscriptions we offer these great savings but, all you gotta do is commit to at least 4 orders.

Free Shipping in Ireland + 10% off (monthly subscription)

Free Shipping (every two month subscription)

Outside Ireland 20% (monthly subscription)

Outside Ireland 10% (every two month subscription)

Limited edition flavours are only available through the website. They can cost us way more money to make than our flagship flavours so they'd be prohibitively expensive in the shops. Get them here LINK

Harry's Nut Butter is made from things you can find in the average kitchen. We don’t put in any stabilisers or emulsifiers to the nut butt or things you can't pronounce, so the oil can separate over time. Just give it a stir and it'll be back to new again.

No. We don't even know where you'd buy it, to be honest.