Kimchi Toastie

Kimchi Toastie

Serves 1


2 slices of Bread

Kileen Goat Gouda




This is an easy one, but it couldn’t be any better if it tried. It’s so simple but so so good as a snack, especially if you have partaken in a sherry or 2. Its melty and cheesy and spicy, what more could you want?

So this is how I do it and what I use but its a free for all and you can do whatever you like.
First you need some bread, that goes without saying. Scéal bread is top of the pile when it comes to sourdough so I use that, I get my kimchi from the Fumbally I use Killeen Goat Gouda that I get from The Lilliput Stores up in Stoneybatter and I know a guy who makes a slightly spicy Peanut butter so I’ll use that.

First you want cheese on both slices of bread, then a layer of ™Harry’s Nut Butter followed by a layer of Fumbally Kimchi. Close the sandwich and butter the outside of each slice of bread.

Make sure the pan is nice and hot and then place the sandwich in the centre. The butter will start to sizzle and make the toast nice and crispy. When you see the cheese begin to melt turn it over and we are nearly done.

When you cheese has fully melted and is creeping out the side take it off the pan, Cut it in half and serve.

 Melty Kimchi Toastie

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